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How To Use Social Media On Results Day

Results Day And Social Media Do Not Go Well 

It’s almost here, the barrage of social media posts related to Results Day. You will soon be told by all your friends what they got in their exams, and also which Universities they plan to go to off the back of these results. Unfortunately we cannot change this from happening, and we should accept that many will look to social media as soon as they open the envelope. With this said, there is a social media etiquette on Results Day, so please follow these tips, and don’t be too annoying.

annoying social media
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Don’t brag

There will be many disappointed people on the day, so try not to display arrogance online. Results Day can fill you with feelings of relief, joy and sadness, so it can be easy to instinctively post your results online to the world, but this can make other people feel bad in comparison to yourself. Some of your peers may not have gained the grades they wanted to, and your goading on the social media platforms will not help their state of melancholy.

Far worse is false modesty, so it’s best just to celebrate with your closest family and friends instead of seeking as many Facebook Likes as possible by posting a load of nonsense.

No self-pity please

It’s not just the successful that frustrate on Results Day, the disappointed will also wade in with their depressing status’. If you didn't get the results you desired, posting a status or tweet saying how devastated you are will not make you feel any better. You will either receive nothing back due to the awkwardness of the situation, or you will hear: 'It can’t all be that bad,' or 'chin up, something will come along.' These are also two things that will make you feel awful, so it’s best to just leave the self-pity out.

Tell your loved ones before Facebook

Receiving your A-level results is the biggest moment of your education thus far, so take the time to tell your loved ones personally, or if you cannot reach them in the physical, then pick up the phone and start dialling. The alternative is to let all your Facebook friends know first of all, and unfortunately, these are probably the ones who care least.

Excessive stylistic punctuation is not needed

If the above is not enough to convince you to re-think plastering your results all over the Internet, then please re-think the excessive use of exclamation marks and emoticons. It’s too over-the-top, and looks ridiculous. Rows of exclamation marks make it seem like you’re literally shouting everything, and whilst we’re at it, please avoid words such as ‘cheeky’ and terms such as ‘ so this just happened.’

annoying social media
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Congratulate your friends

Once the social media dust has settled on this crazy day, take time to congratulate your close friends, particularly if they were worried about the outcome of their exams. Results seem to be secondary on the day, as it all sinks in that you and your close pals are likely to take different directions in life, so let them know that you are happy for them and you intend to keep in touch (even if you don’t).

No Results Day selfie

Embrace what’s actually happening in front of you, and socialise with your friends, or commiserate with them, as this day will live long in the memory. If you start taking selfies, it will blend in with all the other days where this craze seems to be a regular occurrence. Appreciate what you do have by telling those who have helped you in person. A selfie will just be skipped over on such a busy day, as people will already be exhausted due to scrolling through hundreds of selfies already.

Get off Facebook for once

Just don’t bother. Facebook can be a great thing at times, but take this day to realise that there is a life without social media, however tough this may prove to be.

Best of luck.

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