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Social Media To Be Granted An Emoji Only Network

Social media hits new low

It has finally come to this, a social networking site that only allows the user to communicate via emojis. Although it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, how on earth can you get your message across with limited resources, with one of which being a picture of a smiling poo. Well you will have to, because the launch of an emoji-only network is imminent.

social media network emoji
Source: businessinsider.com
The new online network will predictably be called Emojli, and it will get rid of those annoying words and letters that other people usually use when communicating, leaving you to choose from various animated pictures. You will soon be able to reserve your unique Emoji username at the website, and then the chaos will begin.

Each username of course will have to be an emoji, and to those that are unsure how to do that, just press Command + Control + space bar to bring up an emoji keyboard on a Mac.

social media network emoji
Source: guesstheemoji.com
Although anticipation is hotting up, there is no official word on when you will be able to start using the service in its entirety, so for now you will just have to reserve your username and wait. After doing this you will be greeted with a screen that reads, “Launching on iOS soon, other platforms later.”

The company have chosen to use the slogan “No words. No spam. Just emoji.” A promotional video for the new networking service assures the user that the worse form of spamming you will ever see on the site is the occasional pile of grinning excrement.

social media network emoji
Source: trendhunter.com
No one has been able to try out the service yet, so no reviews are available. For now it is just a case of holding tight and hoping that this will open up a door into a new realm of communication.

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