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Social Media Day

Celebrating social media success

The beginning of this week saw the fifth annual Social Media Day. Launched by Mashable in 2010, the day aims to recognise the digital revolution and all the positive attributes that it continues to bring. Although every day in a way is a social media day, Monday saw hundreds of people organise real life meet ups, events and talks, which in essence is what social media is about – enabling interaction and engagement on a personal level.

At a Pittsburg event keynote speaker Constantin James, a senior account executive at Twitter, presented numerous examples of social media’s powerful distribution of immediate information and communication – currently millions of people are following and commenting on the Brazil World Cup. Sports fans tend to get their updates from social media before traditional news outlets, for example Vine videos are frequently posted to Twitter by individuals watching the match before TV sports channels can make the replays available. Luis Suarez, despite initially denying his controversial bite, eventually apologised on Twitter to Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini who duly accepted – on Twitter.

It’s not just sports’ fans who are using social media – social media is present, and in many ways indispensable, for all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Facebook and Twitter reign supreme in all things social and fun, whilst image and video giants Instagram, Vine and Snapchat offer outlets for budding photographers. Blogger and Wordpress mean that anyone can blog these days and expect to reach readers worldwide; it even seems that you can’t get a job without an appropriately smiley picture of yourself on career-minded social networking site LinkedIn.

However, not all social media sites have enjoyed the success of the above. Here’s a quick look at some that came close, but not close enough…

Orkut - before Facebook there was Google’s Orkut, the company’s first forage into the social networking industry. It dominated the social media space in India and Brazil; however, Google has announced its social networking site will fold on September 30.

Bebo – AOL once paid $850 million for the social network, but with the rise of Facebook the site suffered; nowadays it’s certainly dead as you or I knew it. But, good news Bebo fans - Bebo creator Michael Birch has bought it back for a cool $1 million, and aims to start over for a more ‘grown up’ audience. Watch this space.

Myspace – technically the site is still running, but it’s essentially just full of spambots.

Friendster – burdened by technical glitches and weak links between its members, the pioneering Malaysian site went from being valued at $30 million in 2003 to near total collapse three years later. It’s now been re-launched as a social gaming site but is largely confined to Indonesia.

Email – in light of instant messaging tools like iMessage and Whatsapp, email is soon to be superfluous.

Last.fm – you’d just use Spotify wouldn’t you.

Classmates.comClassmates was essentially Facebook. But not as good. It tugged on the same heart strings as Mark Zuckerberg, aiming to connect nostalgic friends to reminisce on their school days – detrimentally however, it required users to pay premium rates for membership.

Faceparty – the hedonistic site had to ban over 36 year olds for fears of sexual misconduct. Who says you’re too old to party? Faceparty did.

Recent graduate and now interning as content editor, when she's not writing articles Katie can quite likely be found festival-ing, holiday-ing or reading a book (dedicated English student that she is). Follow her @KatieAtSMF.

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