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Facebook’s Female COO Wants To Ban Bossy

Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign to ban bossy and change gender misconceptions in the workplace is nothing new – the way that she’s going about it however, is. As COO of Facebook it’s no surprise that she is really utilising social media to its full extent in order to get her message to the public.

The #BanBossy movement shows the power of social media from someone who knows it best. Engineered so that almost anything you click on at the ban bossy website lets you share the campaign’s infographics on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+, Sandberg has gained the support of influential celebrities too, not least new age feminist Beyoncé.

If there is a scepticism about Sandberg, it is tied up with a more general cynicism about Facebook and its mission, but off the back of her successful social media campaign, Sheryl Sandberg certainly strikes you as more PR-friendly than her colleague Zuckerberg.

Leading social media analytics site, Simply Measured, looks in-depth at what’s happening across social networks, and provides the following insight about how Sandberg’s campaign has become so successful.
  • As mentioned above, the use of celebrities and new sources is always a good bet for driving engagement – Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham and political figures like Condoleezza Rice have all shown their support for the campaign, whether it’s through the hashtag or YouTube videos.
  • This has helped achieve a broader reach and a higher level of visibility. Tweets from celebrities link you to the Facebook page and the YouTube #banbossy playlist where influential individuals and various TED talks are shown. It’s important to associate your message and image with appropriate endorsers (Victoria Beckham and Beyoncé are considered high profile and successful, and also caring mothers, whilst the politics behind TED suggests serious social change).
  • As we’ve seen with Instagram’s success, people like visuals, and videos help enrich and strengthen a brand’s message. On Instagram, #banbossy has seen 1,661 posts from 1,467 unique people. This has garnered more than 180,000 engagements and 6.6 million potential impressions.
  • Similarly on Facebook, Sandberg’s home ground, the campaign page has over 400,000 likes and a constant stream of commentary – as always, it’s important to keep up the high quality content.
Take note and implement similar strategies for your own social media campaigns!

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