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Man Vs Food Personality, Adam Richman's New Food Show Given The Chop

Adam Richman Loses It On Social Media

The Man vs Food and TV host Adam Richman's new food show, Man Finds Food, has been given the chop 'indefinitely' from TV schedules as he launches a vile foul mouthed attack on fellow Instagram users following his use of the 'thinspiration' hashtag.

The Travel Channel personality has seen his show axed one day before it was due to air after a sensational verbal attack following a post he made about his recent weight loss. He decided to shift the pounds after his popular show, Man vs Food ended in 2012 - a show which saw him chow down 12 ounce steaks and other mammoth sized meals.

Richman, who has over 94,000 Instagram followers and boasts on his page bio that he 'takes no c**p' posted a picture of himself wearing an old Savile Row suit that he ordered a year ago while proudly saying that he needed it 'taken in a little.' However it was not his dramatic weight loss that caused controversy, but the hashtags he decided to use on the picture.

The term 'thinspiration' has gained a lot of controversy as it is most commonly linked to eating disorders and is used and seen by some as an encouraging tool for those with an eating disorder. However, when user's pointed this out to the TV star, their advice proved very unwelcome.

A tirade of foul mouthed abuse followed, starting with the arrogant slur of 'DILLIGAF?' which means 'do I look like I give a f***?'

He didn't stop there. After more criticism came in for his hashtag faux pas, he proceeded to throw foul mouthed abuse at the user calling her a 'c***'.

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Source: .ibtimes.com

As if this wasn't damaging enough, he went a step further, encouraging another user to 'grab a razor blade and draw a bath', adding that he 'doubted anyone would miss them'.

He even challenged the user to email his rants on - a challenge which the user did indeed accept, blogging Richman's foul mouthed rant leading to it later going viral.

Richman eventually apologised - after earlier angrily saying that he wouldn't - stating that 'I've long struggled with my body image and have worked hard to achieve a healthy weight, I'm incredibly sorry to everyone I have hurt'.

However, too little too late and the damage had already done as his show has been wiped from the Travel Channel.

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