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Man Uses Social Media To Put A Stop To Hot Car Deaths

Terry Williams sweats it out on social media

A man in Greensboro, N.C. is using social media to raise awareness of hot car deaths.  Terry Williams uploaded a video to YouTube to try and prevent another child from dying in a hot car, and the video currently has over half a million views.

Source: usatoday.com

“I’m sitting in the car with the windows rolled up cause I want to know how it feels to be left in the car,” Williams says in his video. He posted the video, challenging people to experience just what it is like when a parent leaves their child in a car, exposing them to dangerous heat. Even when left for just a few minutes, a child can be exposed to dangerous levels of heat, that can lead to death.

“As you can see, I’m sweating, like I can barely breathe out here, but my system is stronger than these little kids' systems,” he states in the video.

The day that Williams started the controversial hot-car challenge it was 90 degrees outside, but the temperature in the car can rise as much as 20 degrees in only ten minutes, making it difficult to breathe for anyone, let alone a child.

A child’s body temperature is more volatile than a fully grown adult's, and can increase 3 to 5 times faster, which means that being left in a car for just a few minutes can result in catastrophic circumstances.

In his passionate video, Williams asserted, “This is not a game, this is serious.” The video currently has over half a million views on YouTube, and many people are now taking on his challenge as a way to raise awareness. Some people are even videoing their experience and posting it onto Williams’ Facebook wall.

One man from New Bern, North Carolina said: “Terry Williams in Greensboro inspired this…” and another man from Hampton, Virginia stated: “This one is for you Terry Williams, and all the little kids that didn't get to live their wonderful life because someone forgot and left them in the hot car.”

Source: huffingtonpost.com
“We have sweated through our clothes, we can’t breathe, it’s hot in here and to imagine what children as well as animals go through, is mind blowing,” said a woman from Atlanta, Georgia.

Williams expressed his happiness that people are becoming aware of the problem, and he hopes more people who hear his message listen, and act upon it.

“People think it can’t happen to them, but it can happen to anyone.”

It’s a great shame that people living in today’s society need reminding that children plus hot cars equals fatal consequences, but the reality is, is that they do need reminding. Too many animals and children are put through torture each year by pure negligence, and the fact that the issue is now being addressed on a mass scale can only be a positive thing. Social media, you have done it again.

You can watch Terry's full video below.

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