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Man Hunt Is On For Bull Runner

Authorities On The Hunt for Bull Run Selfie Snapper

The authorities have launched a man hunt in the Spanish city of Pamplona after one daring individual was snapped by fellow festival goers taking a selfie during the last stages of the infamous bull run.

The man, who was spotted and ridiculed on social media later for his faux pas, faces a fine of £2,500 pounds (3000 euros) for his offence.

People who saw the man took pictures of him and later shamed him with the hashtag #eltontolmovil - which translates as 'the idiot with the mobile' - saying how irresponsible his actions were as he put thousands of his fellow participants at risk with his risky camera work.

The bull run festival in Spain is steeped in history with the traditional festival going back to the 13th century. Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of participants and spectators who flock to the nine day alcohol-fuelled partying event in the city. 

The hunt to bring the man to justice comes as a move to crack down on dangerous behaviour that has come to be associated with the bull running, particularly amongst thrill-seeking tourists. The new regulations set out by the authorities prohibits the unauthorised use of any kind of recording devices and photography at any time during the bull runs.

The event itself seems dangerous enough without the added hazard of a selfish selfie snapper; 15 people have been killed since records began in the 1990's while dozens of others have been injured to varying degrees.

So, lets hope this man is a lesson to many a selfie snapper out there; the temptation may be hard to resist but there is a time and a place for everything!

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