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Coppers Show Sensitive Side

The Bangor Police Department’s social media presence has seen an improvement thanks to an unlikely source: a stuffed duck.

The unconventional gimmick brings some light relief to the rigmarole of everyday patrols. The 80-person department’s Facebook page has gained more than 20,000 fans after it started featuring photos of the duck, also known as Duck of Justice.

Duck of Justice (DOJ) pops up in cop cars, on patrol around the city or just chilling out back at base. Duck defender Sgt. Tim Cotton told the Associated Press that it’s important to have a sense of humour as a police officer: ‘I want to read something that at least has some humorous undertones – I wouldn’t connect to a page that I didn’t want to read’.

The taxidermied bird, whose fate could have been a lot less glamorous had Cotton not rescued it from a trash compactor, helps the police get citizens’ attention for important messages among the noise of social media, such as this one below warning revelers to watch out for pickpockets:
Sometimes though, police attempts to show their softer sides don’t always pay off.  In April this year, the New York Police Department asked Twitter users to post personal photos with its officers using #myNYPD; unfortunately the public responded with mostly unfavorable images of NYPD officers.

Similarly, whilst the majority of Tweets surrounding the FIFA World Cup were positive displays of sport’s ability to bring people together, the Hertfordshire Police account took a different angle:

For now though, the Duck of Justice is here to stay; as well as the hard working police men of Bangor.

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