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The Age Of Social Media Recruitment Process

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Social media has grown in influence in every way possible since its emergence, and in today’s world it has gone from a purely social instrument to a very useful business tool. Businesses are now using the platform to recruit the relevant people for specific roles, and this trend is expected to grow by around 50 percent this year from 2013.

social media and recruitment

One must not underestimate the change that many have to adapt to in order to become accustomed to a new way of seeking the right jobs, and this poses both positive and negative features. The business world has overseen a shift from post modernity into high modernity, and this change in lifestyle has led many to value every second they have in order to make profit at all times.

This is where social media becomes a vital tool for capitalist success. Businesses now shape their models around media, using the platform to advertise products, personalise the brand, set up customer service, and now they even recruit people using the networking sites. By advertising roles online companies can maximise the amount of people that will see the role, therefore they may attract stronger candidates by doing this, and it makes the firm look active in their quest for success.

It is a good way of generating a general buzz around the company, but the process can lead to some negatives also. When applying for a role online, there tends to be a similarity in the kinds of questions asked, and procedures undertaken, leading the whole structure of the application to become generic. This can lead to the deceptive answers being given by candidates, as some people will just become good at completing applications without owning the required qualities for the role in question. This can lead to time being wasted for businesses, who we all know value time as precious.

social media and recruitment

The largest concern though lies at the lack of human input and dialogue during the early stages of recruitment. Until the interview process, there is usually no human contact, and any that an individual tries to make is usually rejected, and they are subsequently directed online. “You have to apply online” is a more than regular phrase in the working sphere, and in a way it’s sad that someone has to prove themselves on a piece of paper, lacking in emotion before they get a chance to interact with another human being.

This is all in the name of time of course. Time and money have become more important than the interaction between two human beings, and this is why interpersonal development is suffering at all levels of society. We are becoming business savvy, whilst losing fundamental communication skills that in some situations make all the difference.

Social media has offered businesses a new way of working, and it is one that saves time and money, so why wouldn’t they jump at the chance? It makes sense for them to utilise the networking features that social media offers, and bigger profits are the proof. Whilst they cannot be judged for taking the recruitment programme online, society loses in this battle between human emotion and the prosperous nature of capitalism.

Alex is an English Literature and Sociology undergraduate whose love for written word has led him to write about some obscure topics in his time. Currently an intern at Social Media Frontiers, be sure to follow him @AlexSatSMF 

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