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Sony Kicks Off The World Cup With New Social Media Platform

New bespoke service for football fans!

Sony have not wasted any time in getting football fans around the world excited about the World Cup this summer in Brazil, by creating a new digital platform called “One Stadium Live”. It is a unique social media campaign dedicated to football fans, and makes it easier to communicate with both supporters and opposition alike.

Sony One Stadium Live

Created by global digital marketing agency Isobar, the campaign collects football related content from Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Fans of the sport can now share their opinions with other supporters around the globe for the first time ever, and it is maybe a glimpse of what is to come domestically. Posts from around the world are gathered according to people’s interests, and by doing this you end up with the most popular, relevant, and latest discussions on football.

Shunsuke Ueda, senior manager of the Sony Corporation FIFA Project Office, commented on the new campaign: “Sony believes in delivering the best possible experience for fans, wherever they are.”

During the matches at the World Cup, the site’s “Match Live” feature will deliver real time posts of what the audiences are saying about what they are viewing. This is set up like a filter, and the display is very user friendly.

“The [idea] was to position Sony as the supporter of football fans,” says Nick Baily, CEO and executive creative director at Isobar in the UK.  He went on to say that “by walking the walk rather than just talking the talk, Sony plays a much more authentic role in fans’ experience.This further creates opportunities to deliver product stories relevant to the fan experience, from TVs to watch the games, to mobiles to share the experience.”

Sony One Stadium Live

They are hoping that the campaign will deepen Sony’s consumer engagement by demonstrating how the company products can keep football fans connected. This is a clever strategy by Sony as they are merging the most popular sport in the world with the most popular form of communication.

Sony’s editorial team includes multilingual social media experts from Isobar in the UK, so they can monitor the conversations between fans, and in turn filter profane language and make sure that only the most relevant information is in the spotlight. The content is available in six languages – English, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

If you are a football fan, then times like this are ones to savour forever. It is not often you get to witness a World Cup in Brazil; a country where they embrace the sport like no other. In addition to this, with the technology on display now, there is a way to connect fans from around the globe, making your bedroom feel like Rio.

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