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Social Media News - Facebook To Add ‘I’m A Voter’ Feature Worldwide

Facebook is going button crazy

Facebook is taking advantage of the success of the Indian elections, and will introduce the social media world to the “I’m a voter” feature. This was after the Indian elections captured the imagination of a culture due to the nature of the various campaigns.

Facebook I’m A Voter feature

During the elections, more than four million Indian voters clicked the button on Facebook’s page, and this acted as a declaration for people who had voted during the country’s parliamentary elections. Due to the success of the feature, Facebook will now roll out the app for a number of upcoming worldwide elections.

Facebook users in the EU, Colombia, South Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand and Brazil will all have the option to broadcast their status as voters. Scottish voters will be treated to the option of clicking the button twice, with the first in the European parliament elections and the other in the referendum for Scottish independence.

Facebook I’m A Voter feature

The feature is no new revelation though, as in 2010 users had the opportunity to use it in the US midterm elections. By 2012, more than nine million voters had clicked it to declare that they had taken part in the US presidential election.

After Facebook announced that the feature is active worldwide, they estimate that a third of its active users will see the message in their news feeds at some point over the next year. This means that 400 million people will have the opportunity to use the feature.

Facebook I’m A Voter feature

It’s by no means revolutionary, but Facebook have encouraged people if nothing else. With so many people using Facebook, it advertises the fact that there are elections of some kind taking place. Many people do not tune in to mainstream news, so they may not even know that elections are taking place. In 2010, the feature was credited with encouraging 340,000 people to vote who would otherwise have stayed at home.

It makes sense for Facebook to be tapping into this area, but it also brings up a question of requirement.  It is not a feature that anyone needs, and many tend to keep the fact that they are voting a private matter anyway.

The Indian elections showed just how valuable social media is to the general public, and they could be the first nation to properly utilise social media, whilst making it a political battleground. Obama used it also, but there was not heavy online presence from opposing sides, but with Facebook rolling out features such as “I’m a voter” worldwide, the face of politics could be changing completely.

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