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Social Media And The Mobile Device

Social networking consumption on the move

Social media has mobile on the brain, and for very good reason. Networking companies have been deliberating over the right time to approach their “mobile moment,” and the time could be soon as the mobile device is on course to overtake the desktop as the primary form of interaction between users.

social media apps and smartphones
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It is not known who will strike first, as LinkedIn could announce an aggressive mobile strategy, but then again Facebook could also launch their new mobile ad network. It is an exciting time to be a social media fan, and innovations are coming thick and fast.

A new report released by Quancast, shows that mobile is not only taking off for social media apps, it has also made social platforms a driver in the discovery of web content. The report says that up to 25% of mobile web browsing comes from in-app browsing, and social apps, and these make up eight of the top ten apps on the world. Social media apps have the highest user rate amongst people who use smartphones, and this comes to no surprise.

Globally, the overall percentage of social visitors using mobile devices has shot up, as now 77% of Facebook users, 76% of Twitter users, and 75% of Pinterest users are now on mobile. This is a huge jump up from last year, which saw 64% of Facebook users, 60% of Twitter users, and 56% of Pinterest users on mobile devices.

social media apps and smartphones
Source: gigaom.com

There are many reasons for the high numbers, as mobile technology is moving forward rapidly, whilst the desktop technology seems to stay the same to a degree. People in modern society also live a very rapid lifestyle, and this means that the need for communication increases, and mobile connectivity becomes the only way to make this achievable.

The mobile companies are capitalising on a culture where people are forever on the move. Globalisation has presented the world with a situation where businessmen and women are required to travel long distances to meet work targets, and this brings a requirement of easy communication to both work and home life. The mobile companies then play on the sentimental aspect of a human’s life by asserting that they need this product in order to be close to those that they care for most, which is true.

It will be fascinating to see which social media firm will blink first, as there is not much time now. The mobile world of social media is growing rapidly, and people now feel the need to connect with others all the time, at any moment. Facebook and co will no doubt roll out mobile plans in the year 2014, and these could change the face of social networking forever.

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