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Rumours Of Social Media Collapse Wrong

Is the current crop of social networks surviving?

Many people were predicting the demise of the current crop of social media platforms, but fortunately for the likes of Facebook and Twitter, the apparent fad is still going strong to this day.

demise of social media

Facebook in particular was the recipient of some criticism, and for some time now, many have predicted the demise of the most popular social media platform. This was due to the younger audience ditching the service for newer apps such as Snapchat. Despite the 1.28 billion active monthly users, experts were still predicting the death of Facebook.

Twitter announced in February that its numbers were falling and it had failed to keep up with projected targets. This came after 400 million monthly active users by the end of 2013 was expected by the firm, but only 255 million users had joined by the end of March. That was still a 25 percent increase, but not what the company had envisioned.

One that the doomsayers may have got right was the capitulation of Google+. It was described as a dead end for the company, and even from the start it received harsh criticism, and was never really taken seriously.

It never even threatened to unseat Facebook from the social media throne, and additionally the stumbling service suffered a huge setback when Vic Gundotra, the man behind the project announced that he was stepping down. This sparked speculation about the project as a whole.

demise of social media

Do not expect the likes of Facebook and Twitter to go anywhere soon, as they are too pro-active in their approach to fail. Facebook have been investing heavily in the future, and they secured the purchases of both Instagram and WhatsApp to bolster their arsenal of tricks. This ensures that whilst their basic platform may be getting slightly out-dated, they are willing to acknowledge the success of others, and invest in their ideas. It becomes a virtual monopoly with Facebook looking to clear up the main services offered in the digital world.

Twitter have invested also but not as aggressively, but their advantage lies in the ease of service that they provide. Twitter have created a platform that makes it easy to connect with anyone across the world in a very short amount of time, and his has not been replicated by anyone as of yet. Whereas Facebook relies on its sense of community, Twitter is similar to that of a busy nightclub, where you can speak to anyone, whilst hearing the noise of others.

Whoever predicted the demise of social media was not thinking straight, as this is the way the world communicates in the year 2014. It won’t stop as there are very few subscription fees, and it makes communication on a global level very easy. Ideas in the future will be developed and expanded on, but the future ultimately lies in the platforms that already exist within social media.

Alex is an English Literature and Sociology undergraduate whose love for written word has led him to write about some obscure topics in his time. Currently a content writer at Social Media Frontiers, be sure to follow him @AlexSatSMF.

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