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Whisper app making noise in the social media world

The social media app Whisper is creating some serious attention at present, and reports are emerging that the company has just raised $30 million in funding with an overall valuation of $200 million. This is just six months after its last $21 million funding round.

Source: b4manconsulting.com

Whisper is currently a very hot commodity, with venture capitalists being very interested. With millions of users and more than 3.5 billion page views per month Whisper is threatening to become a main player in the social media world, and for good reasons other than the figures.

The app was founded in 2012, but didn’t explode until late 2013 when page views increased dramatically from 250 million to 2.5 billion page views per month. Its core audience are mainly teenagers, and young adults on university campuses, but with interest rising, more and more people are building it into their cyber community.

The application itself, is based in California, and essentially allows users to share secrets anonymously. There is certainly a growing trend of apps that allow people to share information anonymously, and although there are some positives to be seen, there have also been some concerns, most notably through the app Yik Yak in relation to cyber bullying.

Some have compared the app to the digital version of the iconic Post Secret project, a website and book series that publishes postcards with confessions written on the rear.

Whisper is available on the iPhone through the App Store, and also for Android, and works by asking the user to type a message or “secret” into the app. Once you have told someone you don’t know your secret, the app will then attempt to find an image that appropriately matches the content that you have posted. Users can search for their own images if none are found.

The result is very striking and effective. The image is accompanied by bold text positioned on top of the photo, similar to the style of many Internet memes that you try and avoid on Facebook on a daily basis. Whisper is totally anonymous, but users are still able to comment on or like other Whispers, and also private messages can be sent and received.

The success of this app could be down to the apparent backlash towards the bigger social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram, but we have seen this all before. Snapchat came along and did well for a moment, and still is, but anything that shows an upward trend will always make the news. Whether Whisper will have the endurance that Twitter or Instagram have, it remains to be seen.

Whisper is an interesting app, with huge potential, but whether it has the legs to expand is debatable. In a world of high modernity, things change very quickly, and if the app is not producing anything new and innovative in its development, then it may just be tossed in the social media scrapheap in the long run. As things stand though the latest craze that is to be found on the nearest smartphone is Whisper, and with its valuation rising, it could enter the exclusive faction of big players in the social media world.

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