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Social Media Tip: How content for just one customer can be social media gold

2014 is the year of visuals; social media is all about videos, images, and infographics. Virtual word-of-mouth marketing is key for most companies these days, and social media offers a great opportunity for companies who are looking to improve their reputation online. Individuals and companies alike are using visuals to interact, entertain and market online. The importance of getting on board with the visuals trend is highlighted with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter jumping on the visuals bandwagon. Recently, some companies have achieved great social media success by directing certain content to individual customers, who have shared the content to the point that it has gone viral. This approach to social media indicates the next big thing in online customer service.

Source: prodality.com

This one-on-one approach to online customer service has already been a successful move for a few companies. In a recent post by PR Daily, Natwest are reported to have found a distinct new way to deal with their customer service issues. Most of us are all-too-familiar with the grind of having to sort out banking issues with call centre advisers and the suchlike. Well, imagine being sent a 6-second informative video instead. The bank had noticed that certain questions were being asked repetitively on their other social media platforms, and rather than engage in the time-consuming task of responding to each question, they created a Vine video to answer the question instead.

The huge benefit of this approach is that the customer not only gets an answer to their question, but the content is easily shareable, which makes it easy to find online. Consider it a clear and easy way to explain common customer service problems, rather than the common FAQ list on a standard website. NatWest comments that the Vine approach suits their quirky style, and helps put a smile on their customers faces.

Another example cited by PR Daily of social media success bought about by direct content is that of American company Warby Parker. The online vision-wear company has also adopted a quirky video response system to entertain and inform their customers. Like NatWest, they are responding to customer Tweets and emails with video links. The company has achieved great success, with their individual video responses being shared over 80 times. Thus, the company keeps their customers happy, whilst boosting their reputation at the same time.

This approach is a great way for businesses to show their human side to customers; videos definitely beat automated customer service emails or long call centre queues listening to the same piece of classical music on repeat. Furthermore, they show effort and thought on the behalf of the business, making customers feel just that little bit more valued.

Charlotte is a trainee journalist, who loves writing about anything and everything. Currently an intern at Social Media Frontiers, you can follow her @charlotteatsmf and @CharlotteR_4

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