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Social Media world creates alien abduction rumour as flight MH370 goes missing

After the Malaysia Airlines MH370 went missing, it was thought that remains would be found in the few days after the tragic event, but amazingly there is still no trace of anything, including debris or survivors, and this has lead the social media community to come up with some baffling theories.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

The search is now worldwide news, and China has deployed 10 satellites to try and figure out what happened to the plane. A dozen countries are now conducting the search and rescue operation over the South China Sea, but still there are no conclusive clues to indicate what has happened.

Whilst the globe anticipates some news as to what has happened to the missing Boeing 777, the social media sphere is concocting some bizarre theories about what may have occurred to the Beijing-bound airliner.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, and in the past there have been some interesting ideas about world events. These range from the terrorist attacks in America being conducted by the government, to the government also making aliens run society and control things from afar. These two examples (particularly the latter) will ease the reader into the next revelation.

Some online users are now suggesting that aliens abducted the plane. Yes, aliens are rumoured to be behind the mysterious disappearance.

Below are five more rumours of what might have occurred:

1. Terrorist attack: This one has some grounding as there were reports that two passengers were flying with stolen passports, which of course raises some alarm bells at first, but there was no evidence of a bombing of any sort, and once investigated, it was said that these passengers were seeking asylum, decreasing the possibility of a terrorist attack. A theory along these lines will always crop up, as everything in todays age is susceptible to a terrorist attack if you listen to the news. Although this line of enquiry is always appropriate, you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

2. Spontaneous explosion: After an extensive search for the plane, it is clear that there is no evidence of a crash due to the lack of debris in the water. More than a few investigators are now suggesting that the lack of debris could indicate that the plane suddenly exploded in the air, and therefore it could have disintegrated at 35,000 feet. Again, there is some grounding to this theory in terms of science, and this still remains a possibility.

3. Trapped in Vietnam: Hollywood executives will be praying for this one, as they could make some money out of a live-action adaption of this theory. It certainly has a ring to it, but there are some reasons for the theory. Oil slicks were spotted off the coast of Vietnam, and even though investigators are saying that the missing plane did not leave them, some theorists are suggesting that hijackers are now holding passengers and crew hostage at an abandoned airport. This would require the skills of Bruce Willis, so the theorists should look into his availability. Although unbelievable at first, some friends and relatives of the passengers are reporting that upon ringing their mobile phones, they were ringing unanswered even days after the plane disappeared.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

4. Biometrics link: Some have suggested a link to the makers of biometrics passports. Last year, the Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) released a statement arguing the need for biometric passports to be implemented for safety reasons. With reports of stolen passports, the SIBA released another statement about how “cost effective” and “extremely fast” biometric readers are to “building seamless convenience […] and safer skies.”

5. The AA (Aliens and America): This is the big one, the one based on zero evidence of grounded theory, but also the one that has generated the most interest. The old guard have searched through the X-Files... I mean archives, and produced theories that suggest that aliens are behind the planes disappearance. If you think this is far-fetched, then you’ll be amazed as one conspiracy suggests that the whole thing has been a promotional stunt by Hollywood as a marketing ploy for the remake of Lost!

As seen here there are some theories ranging from the disturbingly possibly, to the painfully ridiculous, but in amongst all the gossip, there are still lives at risk, and hopefully for all the friends and families, these people will be found safe and well.

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