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Social Media To Become One Of The Biggest ROI In The Marketing Realm

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There are still those who question the use of social media in an overall marketing campaign or general plan. To not even consider the use of social when planning a marketing strategy is behind the times, especially if a brand has a particular target audience for their idea or product. It’s not good enough to just think that a number of likes that a Facebook page has, or the number of followers that a Twitter account has, is the way to measure success. It depends who these people are that are willing to listen to what you are telling them. A measure of success on these platforms, like other forms of media is how much revenue they are bringing into the business.

There are many ways for a company to track how many customers invest in the business via different marketing options. By using trackable links in a tweet or a Facebook post, you’ll be able to tell how many people have witnessed a specific deal or product thanks to them connecting via that link. A huge number of likes and followers can mean nothing if they’re not interacting with your page.

Of course, a huge number can help cause a snowball effect in which more people will get involved and see what you’ve got to offer, and so on and so forth. The only way to build this number though is either by paying for it – which would mean losing out on the actual fans you want, or creating interesting and engaging content to draw in the people who will genuinely be interested in your brand.

Not only is social media a way of interacting with customers and potential customers to find out their interests and wants from a company (although that is a major advantage of it), it’s a way of pushing the brand in ways that other media communications can’t. Doing it the right way and not being overly pushy, social media can become the main way to promote a business in the future.

As I’m sure you’re aware, television adverts cost a lot of money, probably a lot more than you’re even thinking. Paying to have your advert feature in between the programmes that everyone is watching costs a ridiculous amount of money. There’s no doubt that there are many advantages to this form of marketing, but there are also many cheaper ways of reaching a similar amount of people.

Social media costs a lot less than that of a television advert, and can often reach more people with your message than that television advert. This will obviously mean that the less spent on the marketing, the bigger the potential ROI.

I’m not claiming that social media will replace television adverts, but a combination of the two makes for a perfect marketing campaign where an initial viewing can be seen on TV, and more information found online. Seems sensible.

Dan Barr

I'm a Social Media Executive (Global Community Manager). Previous work includes writing for Social Media Frontiers and working for a major DIY retail company as part of their social media strategy team I have an MA in Sports Journalism and especially love the combination of social media and sport.

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