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Social Media Tip: How to use QR codes in social media

QR codes, or "Quick Response" codes, are essentially like bar codes for your smartphone. It is a digital symbol that customers can scan with their phone, to get quick access to specific information about your company for free. There are benefits for using them, and already have quite a presence at the marketing level. If used right, it's a great way to boost your customer reach. If used wrong, they could drive your usage down. Given recent aversion to QR codes among consumer-orientated brand marketing, it's important to get it right, and to not waste time and resources. So how do you successfully use QR codes in social media?

The QR marketing tool is free, which is great news for all businesses out there trying to count the pennies. They give potential consumers the opportunity to connect directly to your targeted content, without having to type in a URL first. If you think about it, most people these days have smartphones. If given a good enough incentive, there's no reason why they wouldn't want to click to connect to your enticing content. QR codes are a more affordable and convenient way to drive traffic to your website or social media platforms.

QR codes are very easy to make; just by going to a website like qrstuff.com, you can generate your own codes for any marketing or promotional material. Just like any other marketing campaign, it is important to consider your strategy before implementing them across your social media marketing strategy.

Where should you use QR codes?

  • in store 
You can use QR codes within your store or business to give information about products or special offers. They are also a great way to invite consumers to join your mailing list in order to obtain other products or special offers
  • on your business card
As business cards only provide a small space for information, this is a great gateway to more information about your business
  • at events
It's good to display QR codes at events so that potential customers can access additional content or promotional material. This is especially useful if your on-site representatives are busy and cannot attend to each potential customer present at the event
  • in print ads 
QR codes in print adverts are a good way to offer your potential customers incentives for accessing your content or joining your mailing list
  • on sale receipts or ticket stubs

You can use QR codes to: 

  • provide offers or discounts 
  • link to Facebook/Twitter pages - consumers tend to find following a company on a social media platform less hassle than being on a mailing list, so this is good if you are looking to boost your social media reach 
  • get feedback on your business (using polls or surveys) 
  • give customers rewards (e.g. a restaurant displaying a QR code on a menu could link to recipe ideas or other chains) 
  • share 'exclusive' content - make the customer feel they benefit from following your business more closely and link them to exclusive content 
  • prefill a share or tweet - prefilling shares or tweets is a good way to drive traffic to your website and build up followers 
  • give directions to your business 

Need proof?

Lego Germany managed to boost sales using a creative QR code campaign back in 2009. The company constructed huge QR codes made from Lego and displayed them across toy store advertising displays in Germany. When customers scanned the code, they were linked directly to a page where they could view and buy the products displayed. The campaign led to a 49% increase in sale or interest in the products. It is a great example of a company using QR codes to their full advantage, and observing the important QR campaign rules, which is a clear call-to-action.

Source: beqrious.com 

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