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Social Media Tips - How to create a successful TweetChat

For all of you that spend a good chunk of your time on Twitter, it's very likely that you've come across a TweetChat. TweetChats are a virtual gathering, designed to bring people together to discuss a particular shared interest. The chat revolves around a #hashtag, which keeps track of the conversation by grouping the tweets together in one stream. Essentially, a TweetChat is a virtual networking event, enabling host and users alike to bond with other users. It is recommendable for any company looking to get a better understanding of their customers and grow their Twitter reach at the same time.

It is generally recommended that a TweetChat lasts around 30 minutes to 1 hour, and should take place either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It is hosted by the brand representative, who will promote the chat and then monitor it during the event. TweetChat is a great inbound marketing tactic, and if done well, can offer a multitude of advantages to your company. It enables you to build up your following and your brand, connect to industry experts and set up your own authority on a particular topic. If you create a successful TweetChat, it can also help you to potentially sell products and services.


First and foremost, you need to select a TweetChat name or #hashtag. This is really important; the hashtag will drive your conversation and needs to explain clearly what the chat is about:

  • make sure the hashtag is short as well as relevant 
  • search your chosen hashtag first, to make sure it isn't already in use and that it's not linked to any other irrelevant topics 
  • register your hashtag; this isn't essential, but it gives you an advantage over others that may try to use it later on
It is important to promote your TweetChat throughout all of your online channels. This will raise awareness of your upcoming event and improve your chances of a good turnout:

  • make sure to use your hashtag in all Twitter activity and across other social media platforms 
  • promote your event on your website 
  • include your hashtag, and other information, in your email signature 
  • if your business has a newsletter, you can also promote the event here 
  • create a promo video for the event and embed it across your social media platforms 
  • personally invite users that interact with you on your Twitter account
Another great way to attract attendees, and create a great TweetChat, is to invite guests to your virtual event as interviewees. This is another way to connect to industry experts, and extends your Twitter reach by marketing to followers of your guest.

Source :activegarage.com

Useful tips

  • make the conversation coherent; use clear agenda markers so that the chat is easy to follow 
  • consistently monitor the conversation to make sure it stays on track 
  • NEVER forget to use your hashtag in all correspondence 
  • remember your manners; welcome people into the chat and always say thank you 
  • if there's an influx of questions, you could schedule a follow-up chat on the same topic 
  • follow some other TweetChats before you embark on your own, this way you can be fully in-the-know of how to go about doing your own 
  • choose your topic carefully; monitor talk within your industry, this way you choose a well-discussed topic that has not yet had formal representation 
  • provide a summary of the conversation to your attendees, this will also enable you to collect more email addresses for marketing purposes 
  • after the event, continue to monitor the hashtag and see what talk ensues

Charlotte is a trainee journalist, who loves writing about anything and everything. Currently an intern at Social Media Frontiers, you can follow her @charlotteatsmf and @CharlotteR_4

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