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Social Media News - The Selfie Will Not Go Away

Selfie - Is it really that annoying?

The selfie has been a revelation on various social media networks, and after a successful 2013 for the craze, it was thought that it would fade, just like every other phase, but no, not the selfie. One cannot scroll down an Intagram feed without noticing the hundreds of filtered selfies, taken day in day out.

For its many fans, the cultural endurance that the selfie possess makes it viable for people to upload a crazy amount of photos of their face per day, but for its enemies, the selfie acts as a social disease, created by narcissists, for narcissists. I sit in the middle personally, but like many, am very surprised at the success of the selfie.

It was added to the Oxford dictionary last year, and even the President of the United States was getting in on the act at another world leaders memorial service, pushing the boundaries of socially accepted behaviour. This year the hype has reached fever pitch after Ellen Degeneres’ star-studded selfie at the Oscars exposed people to the power of the self-portrait.

If that wasn't enough, The Chainsmokers have now released a music video acting as both an ode and a satire to the selfie. The song #SELFIE was posted on YouTube on the 29th of January, but has recently generated a lot more views, presumably because of the Oscars picture. At the time of writing the video has 9 million views, which proves the popularity, and this achievement is made more impressive by the limited content upon which it relies on. The music video is basically a bunch of selfies on screen with dance music providing the vocals.

The song has generated some serious traction, and this is due to some very clever marketing by the DJ involved. The Chainsmokers, a DJ and producer from New York, used a powerful strategy to expand the video’s reach online. The music video included selfies from lots of social media influencers, so this ensured that people upon viewing the video would share it with their peers.

It is a strategy known as matrix publishing. The Chainsmokers worked with a firm called theAudience who help celebrities manager and maximize their social media reach. The DJ was working with theAudience since December, and using celebrities in the video has worked wonders.

The CEO of theAudience, Oliver Luckett, explained that the “whole idea is ‘how many dots can I connect to this object?,’” the dots being social media influencers who are more likely to tag and share a video if they are involved in it. Their audience online will be large, so the shares that one will gain through this strategy will be enormous.

The Chainsmokers’ strategy has paid off with #SELFIE currently at No. 4 on Spotify’s viral 50 list, and No. 15 on the iTunes Charts. The video includes Snoop Lion (or whatever he’s calling himself these days), DJ Steve Aoki, and hip-hop group Far East Movement. Most of the pictures were gathered from the fans of The Chainsmokers, but some were from other celebs that work with theAudience.

Although this strategy has helped the popularity, ultimately it shows that if you aim at what is popular in a specific culture, then you will have some success, but it’s how you expand on that success. This is where theAudience has come in and helped The Chainsmokers. Off the back of this video, there have also been a lot of Vine videos surfacing on the Internet poking fun at serial selfie takers.

It is not known if the selfie will disappear in 2014, but it currently shows no sign of slowing down. For now, enjoy the video below, and don’t forget to take a selfie.

Source: YouTube

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