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Social Media News - LinkedIn tells you more about your viewers

LinkedIn - Whose stalking you?

The popular social media site LinkedIn has now introduced a function which allows its users to view a lot more information about who is viewing their profile. Despite not all the features being active just yet, users can now block other members from viewing their profile, and this had been a highly requested feature.

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A new analytic feature means that the site can tell you, for example, that our profile would be twelve times more likely to gain views if you added a certain photo or shared a specific article. Also, the new page offers information such as the industry your viewers work in, the keywords that led them to your profile, how they found your profile, what regions they live in, and what profession they and their employers work in.

There is more focus on personalisation of ones page, and there are plenty of tips on how to make yourself more discoverable. This function will give out suggestions about ways to complete your profile, industry-relevant articles that are worth sharing, and also professional groups that can be joined. In addition to these, the site will constantly inform you of how those actions could increase your profile views.

LinkedIn are clearly trying to make profiles more dynamic and helpful for their users, and with information such as what is supplied by LinkedIn, the site could become an integral part of any business venture. It also creates a nice sense of safety, and anyone who you don’t want viewing your information online can be stopped from doing so. Many will argue that this feature is quite basic in today’s social media world, but better late than never.

The new features will be rolled out for English-speaking members around the world today. LinkedIn will follow this up by expanding the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ section to people across the world.

This is a good move from LinkedIn who already have a strong following, but with these new features, no doubt more business-focused individuals will see benefits out of creating a profile.

Below is the video introducing the new features. Be sure to check it out.

Source: YouTube

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