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Social Media News - Facebook continues its redesign

Behold the New Facebook! (and this time real-new)

Facebook is moving fast in the social media world at present, and after it redesigned its news feed last week, it has also taken the step to makeover its pages. This is a huge move for Facebook as they continually up the pressure on its competitors. Facebook announced the changes on Monday, changing the appearance for both page visitors and admins. The firm are calling the new look more “streamlined” and easier to navigate.

The new Facebook design is not radically different from the previous design, but the right column is now the page’s timeline and the left includes information about the brand and corporation. In the previous design, both of the columns served as the timeline, and posts were staggered between the left and right columns as users scrolled down.

Source: mashable.com

In the new design, the “invite your friends” section has been moved from the right side of the screen over to the left, and the text box for updating statuses has been switched from the left to the right side.

Page admins also benefit from the new design as a new metrics section on the far right of the page includes information about advertisements, Likes and posts. Facebook will eventually roll out a function called “Pages to Watch” for all admins, and this allows users to create a list of similar pages to compare metrics.

Source: mashable.com

The new design suggests an overhaul for the company after securing the purchase of WhatsApp. With the firm looking to add free voice calls on the popular messaging app, redesigning the current layout seems like a good move also. It makes the brand contemporary (not that it wasn’t) and pushes itself further ahead of its competitors.

Facebook stated that the changes would be rolling out this week, but only for the web. They also announced a redesign to Facebook mobile last April will stay in place.

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