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Social Shopping: The Newest Trend in Social Media

In our modern, fast-paced lifestyle, we're all eager to try new ways to save time and energy. From music apps to online supermarket shops, there's lots out there to make life that little bit easier. New to the table is social shopping, a form of e-commerce which uses technology to mimic the social experience we get from shopping in stores, yet saves on time and travel. This combination of social media and e-commerce blends together vital elements of the social media world and translates it across into the world of shopping. Social shopping enables you to view comments, reviews and recommendations within forums and relevant groups and discuss products with friends. It is much better than traditional web-based shopping, and rivals the traditional in-store shopping experience.

Social shopping means that the whole place-to-place kerfuffle is avoided. No more trudging around shops carrying too many bags, and no more site hopping trying to find the best deal. The old-fashioned web shopping sites are rivalled by social shopping, because it brings all types of products into one place. With price comparison capabilities and user reviews, you are never stuck worrying that you are being duped by prices or buying bad-quality products.

The best thing about social shopping is that it can be personalised for each person. If you are not a good shopper, and hate spending time on it, then social shopping is just as useful. With easily accessible apps, you can quickly find a suitable product, check you are getting a good price, make the purchase and forget all about it. For the avid shopper, there are tons of apps and websites geared towards enhancing your shopping experience: from virtual closets to great deals, there's enough to keep you entertained for hours. Here's a few suggestions of the best sites out there, to get you started:

MyItThings is a social shopping website with a difference, as it combines shopping with community interaction. It is a fashion magazine, created by the community, which provides you with a virtual closet to show off what you have bought to other users.

ProductWiki provides unbiased product reviews, written and monitored by its community. Users collaborate using a wikipedia approach, and the website incorporates product reviews and price comparisons. Not only that, but it also has a 'pros and cons' feature, plus an 'agree/disagree' button, to give consumers an all-round review of the product.

3. Kaboodle

Kaboodle is an online shopping community that helps you to find other shoppers with similar product interests. It features reviews, which gradually become more relevant as the grow to know the community. It also features a bookmark tool, so that you can save anything you find particularly interesting.

4. Woot

Something for the avid shopper, Woot only sells one product a day. They feature one product in a "woot off", during which the community gives feedback for the item. It's a great site to include in your daily browsing list, and is good for a quick, fun purchase.

5. Polyvore

Voted one of the top shopping sites for the Times and Huffington Post, this fashion-based commerce site allows you to get styling ideas for products from all the best stores, and helps you to discover the latest styles trending in the Polyvore community. It is gaining on popular sites like Facebook when it comes to driving sales and traffic to other e-commerce sites. 

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