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Twitter experiments with new auto account

Twitter has quite a number of experiments within their social network. Most of these experiments involve something like 'internal applications' that permit different functions within the network. An illustration of these experiments is, Event Parrot, which notifies users about the most recent happening in the world through direct message or Magc Res, which is an engine that suggests followers relying on the user's contact list for propose minded people.

Twitter has initiated a new experiment, similar to the preceding experiment namely Internal Achievement Bird. This new experiment intends to send Twitter users a DM each day with statistics for each user account, i.e. any retweets, direct messages, report any mentions and other account activities.

Achievement Bird is developed and maintained by Google. It basically gives users notifications of any achievements that surround any of their content. This account seeks to replace the many external applications that supposedly achieve the same purpose. Potentially, this account is more useful for the users because unlike the external applications, it doesn't collect any data other than what it ought to.

At present, it is indefinite whether the Achievement Bird will turn out to be available to all users on Twitter as an alternative to external applications. Presently it is only accessible to confirmed businesses accounts. The other Twitter users will have to wait and see if the social network will decide to make the Achievement Bird available to everyone.

This account will send users e-mail messages when a user makes an "achievement" on a tweet. This means that the Twitter account will send email messages about how any certain tweet has been received by the other Twitter users. Despite the fact that the @AchievementBird account is confined, it has started getting a number of followers in the past few days.

Twitter's @AchievementBird is the newest in a string of experimentations in the form of an authentic Twitter account. Other experiments consist of @MagicRecs, which sends users recommendations of people they may be interested in following and tweets to examine. Another one is the @eventparrot, which sends out email messages about tweets on the latest news. Twitter begins these innovative features to a partial percentage of users as a test before they are released to the entire Twitter population. The social networking site has been trying out a number of experimental features on its website to encourage users and, in due course, bring in more funds. Twitter is sprawling behind Facebook with more than 231.7 million average monthly users and $168.6 million in income in the third quarter of 2013.

Twitter already suggests these same statistics by means of its ads.twitter.com platform, and also other services offer basic stats on tweets and account performance. It may be gambling that direct messages are the most suitable way to get this data to attracted users and recompense their daily undertakings.

Another experiment that the social network had tried includes the modification of the 'block' feature that allows individuals to cut all communication from specific troublesome users. The network decided that this alteration to its block feature was not in the finest interest of the users, repealing the new element just a day after it was launched.

The social media giant had brought in a revision to the block feature that allowed users to delete comments made by 'blocked' users on their Twitter timeline, but the blocked user would still be capable of following them and replying to their messages. According to the US Today, this fundamentally changed the status of the blocked user from 'blocked' to 'muted'.

This change was straight away met with fury (as well as a trending hash tag #restoretheblock), as users protested that the modification would allow the blocked users to cause trouble and bother to others on the site. This reaction is one of the reasons why Twitter decided to return the block feature to the social networking site.

In a blog post, Michael Sippey, the social networking giant's Vice President of products said that they have come to a decision to revert the alteration after receiving criticism from many users. They never want to set up features at the cost of Twitter users feeling less safe.

Sippey included that the social networking site will "explore features" to stop abuse on the site. Twitter also restructured its app for iOS and Android, presenting an easier messaging feature that now permits users to send photos.

The Twitter modification for iOS and Android furthermore gives its users the ability to move around to diverse timelines with an easy swipe, meaning Discover, Home and Activity can all currently be retrieve in one move.

The messaging feature was also adjusted for accessibility. It is now showed notably in the navigation bar at the base of the screen, instead of in the "Me" part.

Twitter's DM tool now lets users to view and send photos. Users can also observe these photos on twitter.com. The update to direct messages is the first noteworthy change to the feature since it was first revealed seven years ago. It was announced in October 2013 that any person following a user could send the followed user a direct message, but it reversed course abruptly after launching the DM change. Despite the fact that Direct Messages are still confined to a 140-character limit (same applies for tweets), it still comes out as an authentic messaging service. At around the time when the change to messaging was being done, there is still the rigid, well-established opposition within the social media society. Instagram on the other hand is also supposedly considering incorporating a private messaging feature.

Amidst current reports that Facebook will buy Bangalore-based Little Eye Labs, Twitter also seems to be prepared to make a splash in India, according to Tech Crunch. Facebook's competitor is "eyeing" Bangalore-based Frrole that sorts throughout the half a billion tweets a month to present insight about its users, with Tech Crunch's resources asserting that the companies are bargaining a way to make the purchase work.

Another experimental account of Twitter, called @magicheadlines, is expectedly associated to this effort, as it asserts to allow the user see where tweets are set in around the web.

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