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Social Media tip: How to be a community manager

The social media world has grown rapidly in recent years. Naturally, this has led to a boom in new and diverse job titles, such as Blogger, Brand Ambassador or Community Manager. 'Community Manager'  posts are popping up more and more on recruitment websites, proving the value of the emerging profession for industries worldwide. Many companies, such as UNICEF and Uber, have recently advertised Community Manager roles, and many more are starting to follow suit. But is it a good investment for all companies?

What is a Community Manager? Essentially, the role includes (but is not limited to) the generation and management of online communities. They are the voice of the community; moderating comments, pinpointing target audiences, engaging with said audience, utilising various social platforms and creating blogger outreach programmes. They are key in the moderation and improvement of a company and their products, due to the essential feedback they generate from regular interaction with the target audience of the community.

As more companies jump on the community-manager-bandwagon, more fresh-faced graduates and professionals alike are incorporating essential community management skills on their CV's. According to mashable, the number of people listing "Community Management" as a skill is up 46% year-over-year. So, how do you become an effective community manager? Let's take a look.

1. Engage your users... and keep them engaged

Companies use community management to expand their brands and their audience. Recognise new and old members in your posts, and make sure you get to know them. It's just as important to keep your audience happy, as it is to engage new users. Make sure you stay on top of your user posts, and that you answer questions quickly. Even if you let them know you'll get back to them later, at least the user can see that you have acknowledged their post. 

2. Keep it fun and friendly

The community manager is the face of the company. You need to reflect that in your online personality. Users want to enjoy the online community, so maintaining a fun and friendly environment for them is essential. Tailor your voice to both the brand and the community, ensuring that they stay engaged and interact on the various media platforms. Feature your users in certain posts and comments, so that they feel involved within the community. Use visuals and images, so that your online content is easy to digest. 

3. Learn your netiquette

The web version of 'i'll-scratch-your-back, if-you'll-scratch-mine", netiquette is important in the social media world. By promoting others, you are building up relationships with your online counterparts, and expanding your brand into other communities. It's also a handy tool if you can't answer a users post straight away - just point them in the direction of your online neighbour.

Source: businessinsider.com

4. Stay cool with any user negativity

As with all online interaction (we've all seen those angry threads that can spiral out of control on YouTube and so on). As always in customer service, the customer is always right and this applies to online communities as well. Use the advantage of being behind the screen to remain calm, and be level-headed in your response. 

5. Keep both your company and your users in mind

Remember that you are essentially the messenger for both the brand and the customers. Both parties want to feel properly represented, so make sure that you are empathetic with your audience whilst maintaining the image of your company. 

6. Most importantly - be organised

A successful community manager needs to keep on top of all of their allotted tasks. There are many different ways to stay in control. Most importantly, you need to do whatever works best for you. For example, you could set a schedule using Flow or Producteev. Within your multiple platforms, you can manage your notifications, ensuring that nothing gets forgotten. For example, Facebook features a 'Manage Notifications' tab, enabling you to keep on top of your posts.

However you choose to go about it, community management is an essential tool for your business. Small and large businesses alike can benefit from interaction with their users, helping to grow the brand and maintain customer satisfaction. Essentially, community managers are your link to the rapidly growing social media world of today.

Charlotte Callaghan

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