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How to Market Facebook, Even With the Constantly Changing Algorithm

Facebook seems to constantly update the algorithm it uses to display Facebook pages in News Feeds. As such, this site continues to keep marketers on their toes, especially in regards to organic reach. With Facebook's millions of users, there are always ways to continue to find new likes as well as new clients and customers. Below are a few tips.

Sets Goals and Make a Plan

Start by making goals that make sense for Facebook. How many new ‘likes’ do you want for your page each week? Do you want your followers to share your content more? Or perhaps comment more on your page? Get your marketing team together or start brainstorming before you outline these goals so you can start forming a plan to align with your brand. This plan should include a day-by-day content schedule as well as a budget, both for your time and your finances.

While it's reasonable to set aside at least a half hour a day to work on Facebook, also consider whether you're willing to try out targeted paid ads, which will help you find customers outside of organic reach.

Track Performance

Consistently keeping track of how each of your posts and status updates are performing is key to making Facebook work for you, no matter how much Facebook has tinkered with the algorithm. Generally speaking, text posts typically perform the best, be sure to keep an eye on Facebook Insights. Currently Insights shows the ‘total reach’ of each post, as such you can easily tell if a photo of your latest dish reached more people than say, a link to your latest restaurant menu.

Additionally, the current Insights page also shows how your fans are engaging with your page, particularly comparing how many clicks a post received compared to how many shares, likes, and comments. This is the best way to measure what works for your page as well as what doesn't. For example, if your infographic of how rae PIDs measure gas levels in different spaces was liked an shared more than an image of your company’s calibration tools, then you know infographics are often — and currently — a better bet when it comes to updating your page.

Since the algorithm for distributing your posts does change, you'll need to keep a careful eye on these insights to see if how you're reaching your fans is changing, and then adjust your content schedule accordingly.

Build Your Industry Connections

Social media sites are about building a community and spreading the love by sharing more than just your own product pages and content. To make this aspect of Facebook marketing work best, be sure to use your Facebook page as your company page, rather than through your individual personal page. To do this, click on the tool sign at the top right of Facebook, and choose which page you'd like to currently manage. Then, you'll effectively be commenting and sharing as your company page.

Next, start building your community by liking other pages in your industry, other than competitor. These pages will then appear in your company's News Feed, and you can see what they're sharing.

As your company page, you can also like and comment on their posts. What's even better is you can share their content to your company page. This is important to do for multiple reasons. For one, your page's fans want to see more than just links to your own website. They'll see more value in your page if you're sharing other industry-related news, such as, if you’re a travel company, why airline ticket prices to Europe are going down. Additionally, if your industry connections see you've shared their content, they're more likely to share yours. This is another wonderful way to reach and engage more people in your community.

Facebook's algorithm may force you to rethink your marketing plan and content strategy, but it's still possible to tame the Facebook beast. By following the above steps and trying new Facebook features, you can still reach potential new fans and continue to grow your business.

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