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Go Viral with Infographics on Social Media!

We've all heard it before: a picture is worth a thousand words. This especially holds true with the rise of the Internet age and Internet-based marketing. One popular way to gain a viral following is to use infographics. An infographic is a picture that visually displays information in an easy-to-read format. Here are the ways you can go viral with your infographic on social media and reasons why you should choose infographics:

Choose a Buzz Topic

If you want to increase your chances of going viral, you need to be on the forefront of what is hot and trending on the Internet. Going viral is half luck, half strategy. You can dramatically increase your chances of going viral, however, if you pick a trending topic such as “Amanda Bynes rehab” when Amanda has just entered rehab or “Winter Olympics 2014” when the Olympics are just about to start. People will be heavily inputting these keywords into search engines at this time, and your infographic will have a much higher chance of being picked up by a search if you do this.

Additionally, by choosing a buzz topic, you're giving the people what they want and providing information about a subject that is extremely relevant. Your timing will be perfect.

Send Your Infographic to Directories

There are several sites that are dedicated solely to displaying infographics in a timely and organized manner. Send your infographic to these sites! If your infographic is relevant and gives good information, you can expect to be recognized on one of these sites.

Encourage Sharing

As long as it's done within a limit, there's really no harm in self-promotion. Encourage your infographic to be shared! You can do this by placing a call-to-action directly on the image itself or by having a caption on social media. The best call-to-action you can use for an infographic is usually very direct and provides an incentive. An example of this would be an infographic displaying the dangers of not eating correctly. The call-to-action on a social media site would say: “Keep your friends in the loop so they can make better decisions! Share this infographic now.”

If you provide useful information, your viewers will have no problem sharing the infographic. The call-to-action and incentive will serve as a reminder that the infographic should be shared in order to have their friends avoid harm and danger.

Do Manual Outreach

If your infographic has had some traction but has not yet reached viral status, it's time to do some manual outreach. This includes going out of your way to offer up your infographic as a free posting resource for highly-followed individuals. This can be done by using Twitter and hashtags or blogs and keywords. The important factor is to reach out to someone with a high amount of followers who specialises in the same area your infographic is in. If offer them your infographic as a free resource, they will sometimes take the offer and post it as free content. Sometimes, they will not. Either way, you're spreading awareness for free, and hopefully you will gain some more traction.

Courtney Gordner

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