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Social Media for your Business - Training vs Management

Social Media is the word on every business owner and marketeers lips, but how do you harness the power of it. It's simply not as easy as creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account, thinking it will take care of itself. It's like anything that you grow from scratch, you need to take the time and effort to get the rewards. So many businesses are left with the question; do you keep it in house or outsource your accounts?


Social Media horror stories happen every week and this may put some business owners off, usually though the good stories are missed and easily forgotten. So this may make you decide that you want your social media accounts to be handled by a so called "expert" at a management company. But there are flaws in these management companies as they can only work on what you give them. They truly won't know your business as well as you. However, a management company does have its advantages; for instance, page design and graphics. These are all great to get you started.

As of this morning, the low budget airline Jet2 decided to hand over its reigns of their social media accounts to a prospective management company to help gain some more online prowess. But many large companies keep their social media in house and manage being hugely successful. Nike and Oreo have hugely successful online campaigns. Nike's online presence means they are able to engage with customers directly. This creates a lot of brand awareness and loyalty from their customers.


Nike has proven that keeping your social media in house is the best way to promote yourself online, only you have the true knowledge of your business and can give your customer the best answer. Nike have now taken to adding customer services on Twitter, so if customers have any problems they can be dealt with almost instantly. By doing this as well, it shows that swift action is being taken, as everything is posted in the public eye.
Don’t sync just yet, we’re taking some time to work on Nike+. You down to hit the road? | 
— Nike Support (@NikeSupport) September 29, 2013 

Nike have employed an expert to control their social media and then they've trained other members of staff on how to enhance Nike's online power. However, you don't need to employ a social media expert at all to take advantage of social media. Many consultant companies offer training and may help you every step of the way so you become an expert yourself. Here, at Social Media Frontiers, we offer a free workshop where local businesses attend and learn how social media can help their company.

You wouldn't let someone who doesn't know your business! So be the person that controls your social media.

What do you think?

Do you do your companies social media or do you use a management company?

Alex is part of the marketing team at Social Media Frontiers; he also runs his own blog where you can see this article and others at Alex talks Social Media.

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