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Social Media and Work Experience - How can you stand out?

When it comes to looking for a job in social media marketing, work experience is invaluable. As a current undergraduate marketing student I know how important it is to have relevant work experience, especially when it comes down to looking for that first move onto the career ladder - however, I also realise just how hard is can be to get this experiences.
I have been fortunate enough to carry out work experience that has included social media marketing as part of the role. Whilst at university I have had the opportunity to do a year out in industry - which gave me an invaluable insight into how social media marketing works in the Engineering industry. This allowed me to adapt a social media strategy, work on Twitter, Facebook and a blog from a B2B perspective, and attempt to get internal staff on board with getting social!

If you have the passion and drive on social media, and social media marketing is something that you have the ambition to get into, then why not use it to get work experience? My philosophy in life is "If you don't ask you won't get" - so put it out there on your personal social media channels that you want to get work experience! Work for free, offer to work for a few days, who knows who might be interested! I used this tactic and managed to get some additional work experience with a communications and PR company - absolutely perfect! Reaching out to social media companies via social media surely makes sense?! Research the type of companies you would like to get experience with and make sure you know exactly what you want to get out of those few days working - be honest and let the company know exactly where you want to get experience. If you want to find out how to tweet for a company then let them know! Social media marketing is all about being just that - social!

If you are going to use social media to get work experience there are many different ways to achieve this. Why not do some research and find out what hashtags you can use on Twitter? There might be one to bring lots of small companies from your local area together, or #JobHour to see if there are any companies who are interested. It is all about selling yourself as a passionate individual! My recommendation here would be to target smaller companies - they are more likely to be able to give you time and really value what you can offer them.

Social media marketing is continuously changing - new aspects are developing all the time - so do your reading, read blogs, articles, journals, and keep up to date! Why not start your own blog? This is a great way to keep your social media going and will give you an insight into social media marketing. Think of it as marketing yourself via social media! You can use this to reach out to potential companies that might offer work experience, and direct them back to your blog as a portfolio.

We are in an age now where social media marketing is huge. Personally I use social media to communicate with companies, and with my experience I know that most companies now have a social media strategy to communicate with their customers. Social media marketing is a powerful tool, and companies are going to want to employ someone who has experience in this. If you are able to get some experience in this area, you really are setting yourself apart in the job market.
Best of luck to anyone who is looking for work experience - it's tough but worth it!

I am a final year Business and Marketing student, who loves all things social media. Blog about "My Life as a Student" and love to tweet! Currently looking for a graduate role.

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