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Instagram Reaches its Three Year Milestone

Last week Instagram celebrated its 3rd birthday. Since the application began 3 years ago, it has seen a huge amount of people use the site to post their photos every day in order to share their lives through photos and videos. Since its inception the site has seen a massive transformation with Instagram now being one of the top social media platforms and it has now even been acquired by Facebook – a move indicative of the potential that Instagram has in the social media sphere.


Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger launched Instagram in October 2010, with the simple mission of helping to make mobile photos look better, more professional and effortlessly cool. This meant that everyone had the opportunity to create good photos through using the flattering filters and frames, reminiscent of old Polaroid photography. The site was instantly popular with 10,000 people downloading the app within hours of its release, by the end of the first week this number had reached 200,000 and it only took a month for it to reach a million users.

The Instagram blog commented that “this year, the community experienced a number of important moments. We surpassed 150 million people who use Instagram every month, saw the first InstaMeet in Russia and introduced a new medium: video. We’re humbled and excited to watch the Instagram community continue to grow and thrive”.

More recently there have been some significant changes to Instagram, with the introduction of video to the platform – this allows users the ability to record 15-second clips and apply filters as they already could with photos. This update proved popular with five million videos posted in the first 24 hours of the update. The feature is now a well established part of the app and both individuals and brands have made good use out of it. There are several brands who have made great use out of Instagram photos, such as Starbucks and Nike but a notable example of a brand using the video application can be seen by Burberry, who used it to give an insight into London Fashion Week shows. This shows the potential that Instagram has, both for individuals and brands. This potential should see Instagram keep growing and celebrating many more birthdays to come.

Instagram has played a great role in today’s social media culture, with many celebrities announcing engagements or releasing their wedding photos on the site, and even Andy Murray used an Instagram video to thank his fans after winning Wimbledon. Instagram really is turning into a versatile platform for users to share online content. Only a few weeks ago the app creators announced that it would be introducing ads to user feeds in an attempt to monetise the site. Will this lead to further developments of this kind in the future?

What do you think?

With Instagram constantly evolving and changing over the three years of its existence, do you think that it will change even more by the time it next celebrates its birthday?

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