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Facebook New Post Editing Feature

In the last week Facebook has released a new feature which allows users to edit posts after they have been posted. Although this feature could be useful for editing small spelling mistakes, it has caused a discussion over whether it could be misused, making it look like you have liked or commented on something that you didn’t intend to at the time.

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Back in June 2012, Facebook started allowing users to edit comments which they posted on other users' posts. Although this has been useful for editing minor errors in posts, it doesn't appear to have had any other effects or misuses. Similarly, Google+ has also had the option to edit its posts for a while, with little concern over the effect this could have. So why has Facebook’s latest announcement caused such a stir about potential misuse?

The main reason for this concern is because users who have liked or commented on a post which is subsequently edited, will not be notified by Facebook of any of the changes that are made. This means a simple post which you have liked could be turned into something controversial. This could be especially concerning for individuals due to the new Graph Search which is being rolled out on Facebook which allows you to search previous posts, statuses and things that you have liked. This could potentially bring up examples of things you appear to have ‘liked’ or supported through commenting on something which might actually have been edited to be a controversial post when previously it wasn't.

This could be particularly damaging to a brand’s reputation or image as a brand could like or comment on a post that is later edited to something that undermines or potentially damages the company’s brand or principles. The same could be said for public figures or celebrities who might support something, only for it later to be changed. This does depend on the likelihood of individuals to attempt to ‘stitch up’ their friends online and try and embarrass them – however, if used responsibly the editing feature is a tool which could be useful for individuals.

The positive aspects of Facebook’s new post editing feature is that if you have misspelled something on your post, it can be easily corrected without losing the likes and comments the post has already amassed. This feature reflects the growing access of social media sites on smartphones, on which it is easier to create spelling mistakes or typos. In addition, the use of smartphones can lead to potentially embarrassing auto-correct errors, but with Facebook’s new feature this problem can be easily solved. The feature, which is already available when commenting on other people’s posts, helps avoid those who are particularly fastidious about grammar from commenting on your errors when it was simply a typing mistake, so there are clearly some benefits to being able to edit posts. 

What do you think?

Do you think that there is more potential for misuse than benefits from being able to edit posts on Facebook?

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