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How To Make Your Company’s LinkedIn Page Stand Out

LinkedIn is the business social network, a fact which both challenges and benefits businesses who want to promote themselves on the site. Because the conversation on LinkedIn is so business-orientated, it can be difficult for the smaller companies to get heard, especially if many of their competitors are better at getting their ideas, and hence their profile, out there. However, since everyone on LinkedIn is looking to build business connections, its a great place to find potential clients and customers, even for smaller, local businesses and start-ups.

To best promote your business on LinkedIn, you need to make sure that you maintain an active and diverse company page. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when optimising your company page to get the best out of LinkedIn.

1. Posts

Post regularly and frequently. Think about when your contacts and potential clients and customers are going to be online – more often than not, people access LinkedIn in the morning. Schedule your posts to ensure they get seen by the right people, and as many of them as possible. Post on weekdays, as this is when people will be in the office.

Post diverse, relevant and interesting content. Post a mixture of company updates and interesting articles from good, credited outside sources. Celebrate milestones and recommendations. Include links, pictures, YouTube videos, white papers and catchy headlines to make your page colourful and eye-catching. Make sure people can interact with some of your posts, either clicking through links or watching videos. You could even post the odd contest.

Post job openings to display company growth and increase engagement and conversation. Use LinkedIn analytics to monitor the success of your posts, the success of your page overall and where engagement is coming from. Use LinkedIn’s audience targeting feature to target specific followers with certain posts. For instance, target potential customers with product promotions.

2. Cover Images

Create a variety of cover images for each of your page tabs. Make them eye-catching and interesting and pack them full of relevant images and information. Regularly update your cover images to keep your page from getting stale. Put positive statistics in your banners to talk up your company.

Announce milestones and new products using banners and cover images. If your new release gets a great review, include a quote in a banner about it. There are three banners in the products and services tab. Make sure all three banners are different, and that each displays something that interests visitors to the page and makes them want to know more.

3. Products and Services

Ensure that all of your products and services are listed on the products and services tab. Include concise, complete descriptions and images of your products and services, as well as reviews and recommendations. Ask for recommendations very nicely from customers and clients who have told you via email, phone or on another social media site that they were happy with your products.

Embed a YouTube video onto your products page in which you talk about your company’s ideas, message and intentions. There are three banners on the products and services pages which you can fill with relevant information. See the cover images section for ideas on how to manage these banners.

4. Groups

Search for groups relevant to your industry. Using the groups search tool, look at what sort of posts are getting the most reaction in the groups you find. Test posts in groups before you post them onto your page if you aren’t sure that they will get enough of a positive reaction. Post good, relevant articles that you find in the groups on your own company page.

If their aren’t any groups that quite fit your niche, create one. ask your contacts and followers to join the group, or just include details of the group on your company page to encourage visitors to join it. Don’t just post exactly the same content on your group and company pages. In fact, don’t post anything about your company on your group page if the group isn’t specifically about your company.

5. Promote and Get Help

Promote your LinkedIn page in emails, on your website and on your other social media profiles. Post links to LinkedIn product recommendations on other sites. If you have the money, pay for recommendation ads: adverts showing choice recommendations of your products. You could also buy a careers tab if your business is constantly employing.

Appoint good, trustworthy administrators to help you organise your page. Make sure that your employees have professional looking LinkedIn profiles, with headshots, completed information and links to your website in the current job section of their profile page. Encourage your staff to like and share content on your business page with their own connections to broaden your network.

Have a look at what your competitors are doing on the site. Use industry keywords to find company pages similar to your own, then work out how you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Optimize the keywords on your LinkedIn profile so that your company shows up in the right searches, both on the site and off.

How do you promote your business on LinkedIn?

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