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Vine Update Has Age Restrictions And Allows Video Sharing At Any Time

imageAfter last week’s controversy, Twitter affiliate Vine, the six second video sharing service, has released an update to restrict some content to users under seventeen.

Only a few days after Vine was announced as Twitter’s new affiliate video sharing service, it was making the headlines for polar opposing reasons.

The service was an instant hit, adopted by both brands – such as Gap and Red Vine – and the general public. Its popularity, however, was marred by the fact that adult content was readily available to all users, regardless of age, some of which was accidentally posted on one of Vine’s “editor’s feeds”.

There were also some significant drawbacks in the service, the most troublesome being the inability to share videos to other sites after they had been posted.

Today, Version 1.0.5 of the Vine app was released, introducing a 17+ age rating to feeds with adult content and allowing users to share their own posted videos at any point.

The update, which was first noticed by The Verge, also provides users with a block function, very similar to that seen on Twitter – before, users could only report content that they thought was inappropriate.

Vine does not currently allow users to post other people’s videos on external sites, but there are third parties that provide this service.

What do you think of the Vine update?

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