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Tweets With URLs Shortened To 118 Characters

imageFrom today, tweets containing URLS will be limited to 118 characters.

https links will be limited even further on Twitter: to 117 characters per tweet.

The change, which was first announced in December last year, takes into account the extensions made to the maximum length of “ wrapped links from 20 to 22 characters for non-https URLs, and 21 to 23 characters for https URLs.”

Essentially, condensed links will now consist of a few more characters than before, taking up more space and reducing the character limit left for commentary.

This equates to a drop of two characters per tweet.

Although many won’t welcome the change, everyone was given plenty of time to adapt to it: last December’s announcement revealed today as the date the changes would come into effect, and asked all users to “ensure that [their] application is prepared to handle this change”.

Will this change to links affect your tweeting?

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Will Sigsworth

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