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Some Users Are Seeing “Give A Gift” Suggestion Alongside Friend’s Celebratory Status Updates


Inside Facebook has reported that some users are noticing a “Give a Gift” suggestion in their News Feeds alongside status updates that contain good news.

Facebook has been pushing gift giving for a while in the United States. Facebook gifts was made available to American users on 12/12/12, after the feature was tested extensively in the beta stage.

Since then, Facebook has partnered up with Starbucks to suggest gifts from the coffee chain on birthday announcement posts and even created a gift card, which can be topped up by a user’s friends on Facebook.
Now, Facebook is suggesting that users buy gifts for their friends to celebrate good news, as seen in status updates. Inside Facebook reported that the “Give a Gift” button was seen beside a status update announcing a friend’s new job and another which read “it’s a boy”.

This suggests that Facebook has developed an intelligent language processing system, which can monitor posts for keywords in specific orders and suggest gift-giving accordingly.

Karma, the gift-giving app that Facebook bought last year and then converted into Gifts, originally had software that could scan for celebratory updates, so it was inevitable that Facebook Gifts would eventually have a similar feature.

Gifts is clearly a feature that Facebook plans on devoting time on, as it has potential to bring in considerable revenue for the site and even move Facebook into competition with Amazon and eBay.

Facebook, of course, doesn’t have the same inventory as either of the big shopping sites, but it does have huge amounts of targeting information on its users, which is already made available to advertisers.

What do you think the future of Facebook Gifts is?

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