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Social Media Promotions Of The Week: 15/02/2013

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and, as a result, quite a few of this week’s promotions are romance-themed. However, I’ve decided to only include the best three Valentine’s Day promotions, leaving space for two promotions that are completely unrelated.

1. NiveaA Date To Remember

Agency Republic has created an interactive video for cosmetics company Nivea to advertise their new product Stress Protect deodorant.

The video, which has been viewed almost a thousand times at the time of writing on YouTube, starts like a trailer for a romantic comedy: “an ordinary girl” meets her “dream” guy (a millionaire, surprise surprise) for a date. The date then takes a number of calamitous turns until, at the end, a link to another YouTube video pops up.

On the link, players have control over what goes wrong for the “ordinary girl”: viewers can click on her dress, the light, her date, her food and a number of other things to sabotage the meal. At the beginning of the video a guardian angel, the waiter, pleads with the viewer not to click on anything, especially the girl’s dress. The opportunity for mischief, however, is too tempting to refuse.

2. KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesMust See Map

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have launched a ‘create your own map’ service, with the help of Dutch agency Code d’Azur.

Travellers can go on a special site and commission a free map, with specific locations tagged and described by their friends on social media, to be sent to them through the post.

To use the service, travellers must first choose a city, presumably which ever city they are going to for their holiday. The map creator then invites their friends on social media for tips and hints concerning where in the city they should go.

“The KLM Must See Map campaign perfectly fits KLM’s ‘little act of kindness’ social media strategy,” said Director of Digital Marketing Viktor van der Wijk. “Participants get a free personalized city map delivered at home and we receive their e-mail addresses in return. That makes there are two winners and that’s what we always strive for.”

3. 20th Century Fox – The Internship

For the first time ever, a movie trailer has premiered on Google+. The Internship stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as middle-aged salesmen who are made redundant and apply for a Google internship in an attempt to find a new career path.

The trailer was first shown on a live Google+ Hangout presented by talk show host Conan O’Brien and, although not based on a real-life story, could be Google’s answer to The Social Network and jOBS, movies about the creators of Facebook and Apple respectively.

4. Bowmore#LoveBowmore

Although not strictly a romantic promotion, Bowmore whiskey’s Valentine’s Day Twitter tasting session, is all for the love of the spirit.

Fourteen whiskey journalists have been chosen to taste four of Bowmore’s whiskeys and then comment on them using the hashtag #LoveBowmore.

The brainchild of agency Yomego, Bowmore’s master blender Rachel Barrie (@TheLadyBlender) was at hand from 7pm onwards last night, providing instructions.

Joe Hughes, digital marketing manager at Morrison Bowmore Distillers, said: “Many whisky fans will tell you that they don’t just like whisky – they love it – which made Valentine’s eve the perfect time to run our tasting.

“We know we have very loyal fans that enjoy learning more about Bowmore – and on top of that, we’ve been able to give them something back, with the preview of one of our ‘under development’ secret expressions. The hashtag means that anyone interested can follow and learn more too – and even join in with a wee dram at home if they have a bottle to hand!”

5. CadburyHave A Fling With A Creme Egg

Another Valentine’s Day promotion, Cadbury are asking their Facebook fans to post photos of themselves in a romantic setting with a creme egg.

The campaign, created by digital marketing agency Elvis, rewards the best photos with a personalised friendship band, mug and commemorative plate sent to whoever uploaded them.

The social media campaign is accompanied by television adverts created by Fallon.

What was your favourite SMPW this week?

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