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Social Media Promotions of the Week – 01/02/2013

This weeks edition of Social Media Promotions of the Week (SMPW) features five different campaigns that utilise social media in creative ways to get their message across. Created by a range of companies, five campaigns stood out this week, each with a video based message.

1. Internet Explorer – Child of the 90s

Microsoft reminded us what it was like to grow up in the 90s with their viral video promoting the ever changing face of Internet Explorer.

The video has been viewed more than 8 million times and had previously topped the Brand Chart with more than 170,000 shares on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

2. Lincoln#SteerTheScript

Car makers, Lincoln Motor Company has teamed up with comedian Jimmy Fallon to create a Super Bowl advertisement which will be based on tweeted road trip experiences.

Fans had to tweet the comedian using the hashtag #steerthescript and include stories of road trip experiences. These will collaborate with others in the ad to be shown at half time of the Super Bowl. The full length advert is shown above.

Re-enactments were picked from over 6,000 responses to the plea for stories, including a tweet from @karinarosewhite who tweeted that “We drove passed an alpaca farm, a few of them were meandering on the highway and my sister screamed, it’s the Alpacalypse! #steerthescript.”

3. Bacardi – Our History is Unbelievable

Drink company Bacardi has unveiled three short films which celebrate key moments of the 150 year history of the brand. The films will be in the style of some of Tinseltown’s greatest movies.

Available to watch on Bacardi’s YouTube channel, the films were shot in Mexico and made to look like past Hollywood creations with the help of a modern Arri Alexa HD camera and vintage lenses, as well as some post production editing.

Heide Cohu, the global marketing excellence director for Bacardi Global Brands said that: “Sourcing period exact props, costumes and even the set location was crucial to creating the finished product.”

4. Samsung – El Plato Supreme

Samsung have released a teaser video for ‘The Big Pitch’ which will be an advert shown at half time of the Super Bowl. The ad features Hollywood actors Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

Directed by Jon Favreau, the ad shows the actors looking to become the Next Big Thing. The video has been released onto YouTube and also incorporates the hashtag #TheNextBigThing for Twitter interaction.

5. Nivea for Men – Own the Room

Nivea for men has joined forces with integrated creative agency CMW to make videos which will hopefully raise awareness of the brand and its skincare range for its target audience.

The videos are part of a year-long campaign across North Europe which start with a number of tutorials for bar tricks. The videos will appear on the website as well as social media platforms in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Videos to come in the future will feature the brand’s sponsorship agreements with sporting movements such as the England Football Team, Dutch Football League the Eredivisie, and the Swedish national Ice Hockey team.

Which is your favourite campaign? Have you taken part in any?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

Daniel Barr

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