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Older Tweets Now Appearing In Search Results On Mobile

imageTwitter has updated its iOS, Android and mobile web apps so that relevant older tweets show up in search results.

Before the update, the Twitter search found relevant tweets going back a week. Now, “to make it easier to find relevant content when you’re on the go”, Twitter engineers have “developed a way to include older Tweets” in search results, says Paul Burstein on the Twitter blog.

Although announced a day later, the update was made alongside the changes to the Discovery and Search systems on Wednesday, which consolidated all the information on each page into single streams.

The improved search tool will take into account “a variety of types of engagement,” says Burstein, “like favorites, retweets and clicks, to determine which Tweets to show.”

Twitter will be constantly tweaking the percentages of each engagement type to “surface the best content for [the user’s] query”.

Twitter suggest that users search “Manchester United Southampton” to see the changes come into effect.

Have you noticed older results surfacing in your searches?

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