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Foursquare Partners With Voice Media Group To Inform Users Of The Best Events In U.S. Cities

imageLast month, Foursquare announced that it was partnering with magazine publishers Voice Media Group to provide users with arts, culture and food event listings. Now, the service is available.

Yesterday, in a post on its blog, Foursquare announced that the service had gone live:

“A couple weeks ago, we announced our partnering with Voice Media Group to bring you a ton of great tips, lists, and tens of thousands of events related to arts, culture, and food in cities across the U.S. Today, you can see those events when you open up the app. To find great goings-on near you, just open up Explore and tap through to your favorite places. You’ll see things like gallery openings and author appearances, along with the movies, concerts, and sporting events we already show you.”

Voice Media Group publish regional magazines in eleven U.S. cities or areas, including Broward-Palm Beach, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Phoenix, St. Louis, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County and New York.

The data the publishers provide Foursquare with will feature over 50 different venue categories across the eleven markets.

A platform such as Foursquare, which has over 20 million users, provides a fantastic advertising opportunity to businesses who hold events or those involved in the event themselves, such as bands playing at pubs or writers signing books at bookstores.

Do you use social media to find events? If Foursquare were to partner with Time Out to create event listing in Europe, would you use them?

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