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Facebook Users Can Now Promote Their Friend’s Posts

imageBusinesses and individual users have been able to pay to promote their posts on Facebook for a while, ensuring that their favourite photos and statuses will get as wide an audience as possible. Now, users can pay to promote their friends posts.

Say your friend has posted a photo of you that you are particularly proud of, or your partner posted a photo of the cake that you made for them, now you can make sure that all your friends see your achievements – for a fee.

Users will not need to ask for permission from their friends to promote their posts but, according to webzine The Verge who reported the update last week, Facebook has made sure that the content poster’s privacy is respected:

"You can only promote posts to the people that your friend originally shared with," a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge. "If you have mutual friends, they’ll see that you shared it and promoted it."
The feature is only available to Facebook users with under 5,000 friends or subscribers, and is being gradually introduced to users worldwide.

However, after originally setting a 5,000 friend limit to users who wanted to promote their own posts, Facebook made the service unlimited. So, it would be no surprise if, at some point, Facebook made promoting friend’s posts available to all users.

Would you pay to promote your friend’s posts?

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