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An American Airport Is The First Location To Reach A Million Check-Ins On Foursquare

Atlanta Airport_map

On Monday, Foursquare announced on their blog that the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has passed 1 million check-ins on the site, a significant milestone for the company as it is the first location to do so.

Airports get a lot of human traffic, points out Foursquare in the announcement post, and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world.

According to Foursquare’s data, Monday is the airport’s busiest day and Terminal B its busiest terminal on average. Foursquare has also discovered that One Flew South is the most popular restaurant in the airport and that waiting travellers tend to walk by the permanent collection of sculptures from Zimbabwe to kill time.

Visitors to the airport have left 2,000 hints, reviews and tips for fellow travellers: “so whether you’re looking for power outlets, a quiet place for a nap, or the shortest taxi line, a quick search on Foursquare Explore will make you a concourse connoisseur.”

The 1,000,000 check-ins at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport amount to less than 0.03% of the total 3,000,000,000-plus check-ins that have been made on Foursquare in total.

Foursquare inserted a heatmap of the airport in the announcement post – the image at the top of this post – its structure defined by every check-in. As you can see, people are even checking in on the runways as they arrive, suggesting that Foursquare is one of the first things people do when they turn their phone on.

If you look closely, at the heatmap you can even see the outlines of planes that have taxied to the terminals. Here is the heatmap beside a satellite image of the airport to put all those check-ins into perspective:

It is more than likely that another airport will be the next location to break a million check-ins, given the amount of human traffic that goes through them every day and the length of time people have on their hands waiting for their plane, but, considering how eager people are to check-in, even logging into Foursquare as soon as their planes touch down, it might only be a matter of time before some shopping centres and train stations hit the million mark.

What do you think the first non-airport location to reach a million check-ins will be?

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