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VoIP Calling On Facebook Messenger Distributed To U.S. Users

messenger free callsFacebook Messenger users in the United States have begun receiving VoIP calling for their Messenger app which is a new way to make free calls.

The feature has been tested in Canada and has now begun to be distributed to U.S. users. The calling service in Canada was accompanied with an app update which saw users given help and support for voice messaging.

The calls are only free if you are using Wi-Fi. However, the Facebook Messenger voice calling will also use regular cellular data if there is no Wi-Fi present.

For the VoIP calling function to work, users need to open the app, and if the feature has been given to you, tap the “i” button on the top right of open messages to see a “Free Call” icon.

The bonus of Facebook Messenger to make voice calls other than the obvious fact of it being free is that it can be accessed any time an internet connection is found.

With this instalment, Facebook look to be asserting themselves more and more into the realm of mobile communications.

Facebook last month allowed users to use the Android Messenger app by just signing up with a phone number. This was followed by a “Poke” app that deleted messages after a certain amount of time.

VoIP calling is currently only available to iOS users.

Can you access the VoIP calling on the Messenger app? What do you think about this update?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

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