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YouTube Unveils New Homepage Design And Navigation Tools

YouTube has just released a new, simplified homepage design, along with new navigation features focused on getting users to subscribe. A wide array of platforms and devices will support the change: both desktop and mobile, as well as consoles connected to the Television such as the Playstation 3.

“You come to YouTube to watch the videos you care about,” say Josh Sassoon and Alex Nicksay on the YouTube blog, “so it’s important that the videos stand out.” To this end, YouTube now has a far simpler monochrome design, with videos located front and centre, dominating the screen, and titles located beneath the video rather than above.

YouTube boasts 800 million users, but has not released figures detailing how many of these users are subscribed. They have claimed, however, that the number of subscriptions has “more than doubled” since last year’s update. The newest design is aimed at pushing even more users to subscribe, with suggested channels listed on the right hand side of the homepage.


The benefits of subscribing are also made evident by the “What to watch” and “My subscriptions” video feeds on the homepage, which alternately display suggestions based on the users activity and the latest videos uploaded by those channels that a user subscribes to.

"Those of you who use YouTube most have learned the secret to making it even better—find the channels you love and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe," enthuses the YouTube blog, "today, we’re taking the next step by bringing your subscription-filled Guide with you across both the site and all devices, as your best source of what to watch on YouTube.”

Users will also notice a sparser sidebar when viewing videos. In an effort to reduce distracting clutter on the page, the programmers at YouTube have introduced a two-button toggle: one button opens the website “Guide” and the other opens a “More From” menu, displaying other videos on the same channel as the one being watched.

"Just subscribe to your favourite channels and the Guide lets you know when there are new videos waiting for you to enjoy, suggests the latest and greatest channels you might like, and shows you what your friends are sharing across the web."

YouTube are estimating a 30% subscription increase thanks to the update.

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