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Meebo Being Put To Good Use By Google


A chat bar that looks very similar to that of Meebo has been spotted on Google+, causing stirrings that the social platform may have started putting Meebo to good use.

Meebo, an advertising start-up, was bought by Google back in June due to its popularity with advertisers. Although it was disliked by internet users for taking up space, Google specifically hoped it could be used on their social platform, Google+.

Now it seems that Google has started testing a Meebo-type bar in an attempt to increase user engagement on the site.

The new bar has begun cropping up on Google+ pages as seen in the screenshot below. User Clayton Pritchard first noticed the bar when viewing the TV Guide Google+ page.

Meebo Update 730x352 Google starts putting Meebo to use: New social sharing bar spotted on Google+

The bar lets users see notifications and sharing options on the right hand side of the page with information about the page and content concerning it on the left.

By clicking on them, the share buttons will enlarge and within these, users can +1, share or comment on a status.

Putting the sharing options at the bottom of the page could see Google hopefully acquire more shares and higher amounts of activity from users as these are normally placed at the top of a page.

Can you see these Meebo-style bars yet? What do you think of them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter.

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