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LinkedIn Presents “The Biggest Ideas Of 2013”

imageA selection of influential “thought leaders” have published essays on LinkedIn predicting the most significant developments to occur in 2013.

In October, LinkedIn began a feature allowing users to follow “influencers”: leading figures from the business and political world. The feature proved to be a great success, with Virgin founder Richard Branson passing the 1 million followers mark earlier this month.

In the run up to new year, LinkedIn has published articles written by some of these “thought leaders”, “chosen”, wrote Francesca Levy on the LinkedIn blog, “for their experience and smart perspectives.”

“We decided to harness that wisdom by polling the thought leaders, and the results were impressive. Industry heavyweights in finance, medicine, education, nonprofit, media and more replied enthusiastically to this challenge: What one issue, innovation or event will change the world in 2013? What’s the “big idea” you’ll be betting on?”

Among those chosen was the aforementioned Richard Branson, who wrote a controversial piece about the 40 year war on drugs. Branson described the work of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a movement that he is part of, in pushing for lighter sentences for drug-related offences and a focus on compassion for those addicted.

Inevitably, one essay was about the future of 3D printing, written by Inge Geerdens, a Belgian entrepeneur. She described the numerous opportunities that 3D printing could provide, but also hinted at a possible negative consequence: the speed and ease of 3D printing could make it very difficult to regulate, for example, the Wiki Weapons Project have already succeeded in partially printing a working assault rifle.

Other highlights included an informative essay about the importance of stress reduction by Adrianna Huffington of The Huffington Post, as well as ex-dragon James Khan’s “Why Young People Will Save The Economy”, a positive outlook on the future of finance.

Which is your favourite essay from the “Thought Leaders”? Who do you most disagree with?”

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