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Instagram Updates Features Including A New Filter


Instagram has updated its iOS and Android Apps to include new features that have frequently requested by users for a while.

A new grid guide option is available to users should they wish to use it meaning that they won’t need to open up Camera+ or Snapseed for example to crop or scale their photos.

The photo-sharing and filtering app has said that their tilt-shift feature has been improved so that it provides a “vastly more realistic rendering of depth of field.”

Instagram has also added a new filter called Willow which is, “a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border.” Instagram say that this filter is best used for high-contrast photos of still life, architectures and portraits.

Notably one of the biggest changes that has taken place due to the update is in the initial photo-taking stage of the application. When using the camera to take a picture, users no longer need to open a separate screen to select a different photo to apply filters to.

The most recent of your photos will appear as thumbnails along the bottom of the screen. The shutter buttons have also been edited so that they are more suitable for the overall design of the app.

Photos that you have edited with Instagram on an iOS device will no longer be added back into your camera roll but will instead be placed into an album labelled “Instagram.”

Location pages within the app now feature an option to connect to the Foursquare app or website which will give details about the venue or particular location you are at.

Images will appear bigger and the welcome screen and News Feed have also changed slightly.

What do you think of the update?

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