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Facebook Search Bar Can Take You To Specific App Centre Categories


The Facebook search bar now searches for App Centre categories which will lead users straight to those particular sections of the App Centre.

The ability to do so doesn’t seem to have been available since the introduction of the App Centre in June, but Facebook has since introduced a search option within the App Centre which gives users the ability to finds apps by using keywords such as “sport” or “games”.

Only recently has a discovery been made of users being able to use the main Facebook search bar to find specific App Centre categories.

The search bar allows users to go straight to the “games” or “mobile apps” sections and will show different app categories such as action games, card games, puzzle games, photo apps, lifestyle apps and many more that can be found via the main search bar.

The search bar is generally used for Facebook users to find other people, pages and to get around the site. For instance, users can navigate quickly to their photos, notes, friends lists, Help Centre and others.

Adding App Centre categories to the search bar could point more users towards the App dashboard with it already getting 220 million visitors per month.

Are you glad that you can now access the App Centre via the main search bar?

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