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Facebook Messenger Only Needs Your Name and Number


Facebook Messenger now allows users to sign up for the service by only entering their name and mobile phone number.

Facebook wants you to be able to “reach your contacts faster, start group conversations, share photos and more.” This move will make the app capable of connecting with over a billion worldwide users.

When using just a name and number instead of a Facebook account, users of Messenger can focus entirely on connecting with friends rather than having to maintain a Facebook account at the same time.

A key feature of Messenger is its connection to Facebook accounts on mobile phones and on the Internet, giving Facebook the ability to connect all of their users regardless of whether they are using a device or a computer.

With speculations recently concerning Facebook’s proposed acquisition of Whatsapp, this development could be the reason that talks with the messaging app were short lived.

The Messenger update is now available for Android devices and signups without complications will become available in the coming weeks.

Do you use Facebook Messenger? Do you think this is a useful update?

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