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Does The Pope Tweet On The Web? Yes He Does!

imageHis Holiness Benedict XVI (@Pontifex) today announced his presence on social media, with a tweet thanking his followers.

The Pope, who has eight different accounts for eight different languages which, together, have amassed over a million followers, sent his first tweet in Italian on an iPad.

Since his first tweet the pope has written four more, alternatively a question and then an answer. Both questions concern the power of faith: how Christians can better celebrate Jesus, and how faith can survive in “a world without hope”. Both answers focus on the power of faith in God and Jesus.


Many hoped that the Pope would use Twitter as a way to directly communicate with his followers. Some have even posted questions to @Pontifex, hoping for an answer. It seems, however, as though Twitter is more likely to be used as a pulpit from which the Pope can speak.

Apart from the first tweet, each tweet has been written and sent by one of his advisors, but, say the Vatican, with the Pope’s guidance. At this moment in time, the Vatican authorities are working out how best to utilise Twitter.

How do you think the Pope should use Twitter?

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