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A Beginner’s Guide For Businesses On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media website specifically designed for businesses. Used correctly, you can not only promote your company on LinkedIn, but your company’s products as well.

1. Work out a Strategy:

Before you create your LinkedIn company page, you need to know exactly how you are going to promote your company.

On LinkedIn you first create an overview page, on which you must write a description of your company. Work out what you are going to say before you start: you must describe your company exactly in order to attract the right clientele.

Chose your page administrators. You need to give certain people in your company control over your LinkedIn page, who is right for the task? Don’t forget to make yourself an administrator.

The ‘Admin Tools’ tab allows you and the other administrators to edit your LinkedIn page at any time.

2. Optimize your Page:

You need your page to be as interesting as possible to attract customers. LinkedIn gives you the option of adding a profile picture and YouTube video to your profile page. These additions can help describe your company and attract followers.

Use a URL for your page that is recognisable and memorable. Make sure the start of your description is the most informative: even though you can write as much as you want, only the start will be instantly visible to visitors.

Add interactive banners to your profile. Banners immediately grab attention and you can add links to redirect anyone who clicks on a banner to a website with relevant information.

3. Advertise your Page:

LinkedIn asks you to put a link to a website and a blog onto your page. Make sure that these links are displayed clearly, you want as many visitors as possible to engage with your business page.

Put links on other sites to your LinkedIn page. Ideally your website, all social media profile pages, and any blogs that you have should all be interlinked.

Try and get as many followers as you can. Basically, followers are your network: they are your promoters, customers and even potential employees.

4. Stay Active:

Post a status update as soon as you have created your page. Continue to post status updates: inform, ask, amuse and educate with your posts to keep visitors and followers interested.

Create pages for new products. Your Product pages should be as descriptive and polished as your Overview page. Post status updates whenever you introduce a new product.

As your company grows, you can use LinkedIn to advertise any jobs positions in your company that become available. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for companies and employees to connect on a personal and professional level.

5. Monitor your Page:

The most important task your page performs is encouraging engagement. The only way to increase your popularity is to actively engage with customers. People with engage with your page by following you, liking and commenting on your posts, or clicking on links.

LinkedIn’s Analytics page allows you to monitor how successful your page is in eliciting engagement. It is a vital tool in measuring the popularity of your business and products.

Every status update has a percentage engagement underneath it. It takes 24 hours for this to be measured, but it is worth the wait.

How do you use LinkedIn to promote your business?

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